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Lebanese Air Force


القوات الجوية اللبنانية


Force Aérienne Libanaise




By Vatche Mitilian









Welcome to Vatche Mitilian's Independent Guide To The Lebanese Air Force.

The following pages are dedicated to all the brave men and women who have served and still do in the air force from the very day of its formation to our present day.  You will get acquainted to the History through its formation to its current status, with emphasis on combat operations and other incidents.  There will also be a news section and a section of aircraft inventory and complete order of battle.  All of the above will include photos, some published for the first time on this web site.

I would like to thank Dr Kassem Jaafar, the military analyst and historian, for his most valuable input and many historical data and Joao Paulo Moralez for his insight and support with the History pages and more. 

I plan to update all the sections of the site regularly so please come back often and do not forget to contact me with your thoughts, additions, contributions and feedback.

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