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The Lebanese Air Force currently operates a number of helicopters which are used for a number of missions ranging from agricultural spraying, search and rescue, firefighting and combat ground support.  In addition to these, the Hawker Hunter jets which have been stored for over 12 years, were called back to duty and currently represent the air forces small jet force. 




In Service




4 Hawker Hunter

Serials L-280, L-282, L-284 and L-286

Temporarily grounded.  Kept active.

2 Cessna 208 Caravan

L-401, L-402

3 Scottish Aviation Bulldog

L-142, L-144, L-145

23 Bell 205 UH-1H
Serial L-1001 to L-1012 and L-1101 to L-1112

6 Bell 205 UH-1H Huey 2

L-1201 to L-1206 

7 SA-330/IAR-330 Puma

L-912 to L-918





8 Aerospastiale SA-342 Gazelle
Serial L-808 to L-816




1 Agusta Westland 139

Registered Cedar 1

Presidential VIP

5 Robinson Raven R44 II
Serial L-1501 to 1506

3 Sikorsky S-61N

Firefighting helicopter operated by LAF.

AD-1601, AD-1602, AD-1603







The following types are in active storage and may be be overhauled into active service.




6 Potez Fouga Magister CM.170

Of the original fleet of 10

L-600, L-601, L-602, L-603, L-604,L-608

6 Agusta-Bell 212
Of the original fleet of 12
L-552, L-555,L-556, L-558, L-559, L-562




3 Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma
Of the original fleet of 12
From L-901, L-906, L-907, L-909, L-911




3 Aerospatiale SA-342 Gazelle
From the initial batch of 8 delivered between 1980 and 1983.
Serials unknown




       On Order


        18 Bell 205 UH-1H Huey 2

        Expected 2014-2015 delivery.

        3 SA-330/IAR-330 Puma

        Dontated by the UAE.  Status unknown.


        6 Mil Mi-24

        Delivery date unknown.  No reports of signed official contract.


        1 Cessna 208 Caravan

        Expected 2014-2015 delivery.






Historical Numbers Complete List Of Deliveries




Below is a list of all the aircraft the Lebanese Air Force has received from 1949 to present.  More details on each type, with the year of introduction and service status can be found in the History pages.




3 Percival Proctor
Registered L-100, L-101, L-102




3 Percival Prentice
Registered L-103, L-104, L-105




1 Macchi MB. 308
Registered L-109




1 de Havilland Dove
Registered L-110




4 Savoia Marchetti SM.79
Registered L-111 (initially registered LR-AMA), L-112 (LR-AMB), L-113 (LR-AMC), L-114 (LR-AMD).




6 de Havilland Chipmunk (T.20 and T.30)
Registered L-106, L-107, L-108, L-181 (later L-101), L-182 (L-102), L-183 (L-103)




16 North American T-6 Texan (Harvard)
Registered L-120, L-121, L-122, L-123, L-124, L-125, L-126, L-127, L-128, L-129, L-130, L-131, L-132, L-133, L-134, L-135




16 de Havilland Vampire
Registered L-150, L-151, L-152, L-153, L-154, L-155, L-156, L-157, L-158, L-159, L-160, L-161, L-162, L-163, L-164, L-165
Of these, L-151, L-154, L-159 and L-160 were T.55 twin seater trainers, the rest single seaters (FB.5, FB.52 and FB.9)




19 Hawker Hunter
Registered L-170, L-171, L-172, L-173, L-174, L-175, L-176, L-177, l-178, L-179, L-280 (later L-286), L-281 (later L-287), L-282 (to Jordan), L-280, L-281, L-282, L-283, L-284, L-285
From 1974 onwards, all L-17* were re-registered to L-27*




4 Sud Aviation SA-318 Alouette II
Registered L-201, L-202, L-203, L-204

Later re-registered from L-301 onwards.




14 Sud Aviation SA-319 Alouette III
Registered L-220, L-221, L-222, L-223, L-224, L-225, L-226, L-227, L-228, L-229, L-230, L-231, L-232, L-233

Later (1974) all Alouette IIIs re-registered L-32* onwards.




10 Potez Fouga Magister CM.170
Registered L-440 (later L-400), L-441 (L-401), L-442 (L-402), L-443 (L-403), L-444 (L-404), L-601, L-602, L-603, L-604, L-605

All Fougas were later registered to L-600 to L-608




12 Dassualt Mirage III E/D
Registered L-501, L-502, L-503, L-504, L-505, L-506, L-507, L-508, L-509, L-510, L-511, L-512
All later re-registered from L-5** to L-4**




12 Agusta Bell 212 (Twin Huey)
Registered L-250 (later L-550), L-251 (L-551), L-152 (L-552), L-253 (L-553), L-254 (L-554), L-255 (L-555), L-556, L-557, L-558, L-559, L-560, L-561




1 Rockwell Shrike Turbo Commander 690
Registered L-701




6 Scottish Aviation Bulldog
Registered L-141, L-142, L-143, L-144, L-145, L-146




1 Dassault Falcon 20
Registered OD-PAL




21 Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma
Registered L-900, L-901, L-902, L-903, L-904, L-905, L-906, L-907, L-908, L-909, L-910, L-911




17 Aerospatiale SA-342 Gazelle
Registered L-800, L-801, L-802, L-803, L-804, L-805, L-806, L-807, L-808, L-809, L-810, L-811, L-812, L-813, L-814, L-815, L-816




24 Bell 205 UH-1H Huey
Registered L-1001, L-1002, L-1003, L-1004, L-1005, L-1006, L-1007, L-1008, L-1009, L-1010, L-1011, L-1012, L-1101, L-1102, L-1103, L-1104, L-1105, L-1106, L-1107, L-1108, L-1109, L-1110, L-1111, L-1112




4 Robinson Raven II R44
Registered L-1501, L-1502, L-1503, L-1504

1 Agusta Westland 139

Registered Cedar 1

Presidential VIP

2 Cessna 208 Caravan

Registered L-401, L-402




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