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Lebanese Army Official Site












The official Lebanese Army website has an excellent page dedicated to the Lebanese Air Force in Arabic, English and French.  Don't mind the average translation from the original Arabic text, it's very informative and shows many photos of Air Force equipment.




2007 Lebanon Conflict Wikipedia




Wikipedia's article on the events in Lebanon in 2007 is well written and details of the Nahr el-Bared battle are well portrayed.




Emad Tabsh




Great plastic aircraft modelers from Lebanon.








Military aviation news, info and reports with great photo galleries.








One of the best resources of aviation photos on the internet.




The Cedarjet Pages




Everything you need to know about Middle East Airlines by Wassim Chemaitelli.








On-line aviation related data published from Scramble Magazine.




The 'Air Net' Web Site




Over 25,000 aviation related links.



          Arabe Miniature

         Vehicules Arabes en maquette et scratche


         A.L.S. Miniature


        Military In the Middle East

        The blog of ME military hardware afficionados






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